Friday, September 26, 2008

Jane: Missing Mom

There's a special art exhibit going on in New York City in honor of Milton's 400th birthday this year.

I read that and said quietly, "let's go, Mom!"

My mom would love that idea, of a special Milton's birthday exhibit. She studied Milton in college; I used her Milton book when I did years later. To this day, I laugh when I remember a Milton joke she made once when we were eating out. Our waiter had a name tag "Milton." "They also serve who only stand and wait," said Mom, and we collapsed in giggles.

Oh, and that's a line from a Milton sonnet.

So wouldn't this be fun: my Mom and I could go to the Milton exhibit, which includes documents and artwork related to Milton--especially Paradise Lost, because Heaven and Hell, angels and fallen angels, Adam and Eve are so intriguing to artists. And if we got there this weekend, we could go to the costume ball--now wouldn't a Milton costume ball be fun! Fallen angels and Adams and Eves and serpents . . .

And then we could see the Van Gogh exhibit. And maybe see a show or ballet or opera--there's a new production of Don Giovanni that sounds great. And if we got there soon, we could meet up with my Polish friend Ewa, who'll be in New York City for a seminar in early October.

Or maybe in the end, we'd just TALK about the happenings in New York City--but even that would be great.

There are certain conversations that will never occur now. Not that I can't talk to other people about Milton or opera or books. But I can't talk with my mom about them.

Did I tell you I miss my mom?

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T-Mom said...

I know. I know how you feel.