Friday, March 19, 2010

Jane: More signs of spring

The snowdrops are blooming at Brucemore! Aren't they beautiful?

They're not a very exciting flower, really. Just white with plain leaves. But they are brave and early--the earliest flower, along with witch hazel (also blooming at Brucemore).

They are also richly nostalgic for me. Whenever I see snowdrops, I think of my Grandma Hoffman, who had a small clump growing by her back door. I can almost hear the creak of the door opening, and smell the hemlock and the English ivy that grew there, too.

"Look, Jane, my snowdrops are blooming," she'd say, as if she was sharing a treasure just with me.

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T-Mom said...

They're beautiful! With small flowers like crocus and snowdrops, it helps to have lots in drifts, like you have, but even a few can be wonderful on an early spring day.