Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jane: Funeral

I took Robbie to the funeral of one of his classmates yesterday--not something one wants to do, but it's really important to go to the funeral--Robbie realized that.

Patrick played sax in the Jazz Band with Robbie and was one year ahead of him. He died of a severe asthma attack while the family was at a family reunion.

The testimonies at the funeral gave a picture of an outgoing, very talented, happy young man. Robbie left a message on the facebook page set up by the family.

I can hardly imagine having a child die. They had a slideshow playing before the service started. I'm sure they were saving those pictures to show at his graduation . . . now they were used at his funeral.

I told Robbie he's not allowed to die before I do. "Is that a threat?" he asked.

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wclaspy said...

I went to a classmate's funeral when I was around Robbie's age, a bit sadder still as it was a suicide. I remember being floored and not really knowing what I thought or felt. But yes, you always go to the funeral.