Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to blogging

Haven't blogged much; I think the boredom of summer was getting to me!

Don't get me wrong: I love summer. But in my role as adjunct college instructor and "mom of teen boys," my summer is a bit dull. Well, I did have some freelance writing work to do, but as for the other two roles, there's not much happening! I don't teach or do research in the summer, which is a nice break . . . but it's a LONG break, from early May until mid August. And being home in summer--to hang out with the boys--is fun, too, but at their age, it's not like I DO much with them! I just kind of need to be around. And that gets dull. Believe it or not, one can get tired of sitting around crocheting, reading novels, and doing small chores for months at a time!

Some days, I would have enjoyed going to a coffee house to hang out and chat with people. Or even go in to the office to pretend to be a professor again. And I suppose I could have left home to do that--but I would have been wondering what they've gotten up to while I was gone. They don't get into trouble, but they do invite people over (almost every day!), or sometimes head out to the pool, a friend's house, etc. etc. and I kind of want to know what's happening. Other moms of teens have agreed with this feeling.

(I feel comfortable leaving them for an hour or so--like to do an interview for a story or have a swim at the Y. But just for an hour or so, and just when I have a real task to do. Then I feel I need to come back.)

Maybe I should be more cell-phone savvy--that would make me available even if I leave the house. Gotta figure that one out for next summer.

I'm glad to get back to blogging. Not like I have much to share, but writing is good. Writing is like anything else I do--ballet, TKD, crocheting--it's use it or lose it. So I'm going to use it.

Every blog post needs photos. Here are some of pizza I made on the grill last night. I'd made it before, but this time, they turned out better!

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