Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas memories

Putting up Christmas decorations is always nostalgic--remembering when we got each ornament, each decoration. Many of my Christmas decorations are special because they remind me of loved ones.

I love getting out Mom's Hummel creche.
Grandma's bell ornaments (they really ring!) hang on garlands in my dining room.
I love this candle globe that was a gift from my mother-in-law.
We also have some decorations from places we've visited:


Living History Farms

Frank Lloyd Wright museum. (yes, that's a bubble light next to it--like the ones on Grandma's tree)
Unfortunately, the star at the top of our tree broke last year in a tree-tipping incident. Eli told us he'd make a new topper for us. I think it'll become one of my future favorite decorations.
Can you tell he's reading Tolkein right now? We laughed and laughed at this--Christmas in Mordor!


wclaspy said...

So happy to see the creche! I don't seem to have any Grandma H ornaments in my collection, but sure do remember that German feather tree, in its plastic bag in the basement.

TKD Rocker said...

Best Christmas tree topper I've ever seen!!