Monday, February 20, 2012


Lots of things can make a birthday special:

  • Beautiful flowers.  These are from Ellen, Ken and Gabi.  Every time I walk by them I get a whiff of their sweet fragrance!
  • The choir sang to me (and Marge, whose birthday is Monday).
  • I finished my Sera Lace sweater, and wore it last night to see Dancers in Company.  Dance and a FO*, two awesome things for a birthday eve!
  • Brunch on Sunday at Cedar Ridge Winery--it was gorgeous there with the sun streaming through the windows.  Great food and nice atmosphere.  The mimosas were wonderful!
  • Yarn!  Anne bought me a big bag of yarn for  . . . big yarn projects :-)
  • All the Nesmiths enjoyed a walk together in the afternoon--and it was sunny and delightful outside.
  • Ice cream cake.
  • A two-hour Downton Abbey to finish the day.
  • Anticipating more celebration during the birthday season.  Because one day isn't quite enough!

* Finished Object

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