Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on the Farm

Stopped out at the farm today to water.  Things look good, though the flowers were a bit wilty.  Behind them are the Romanesco broccoli.  I hope it'll have heads once the weather cools down  . . . which won't be for a while!
The no-till approach seems to be working fine.  I'll probably mow it again this weekend.

Brussels sprouts don't seem to mind the heat.
I have watermelons!  There are 5 fruits altogether on my 3 hills.  Each hill has 2 plants--I couldn't bear to to thin them to 1 plant each, and they're doing fine.
 Eli's gourds are happy.  They like hot, dry weather.

Neighbors are doing well with beans, planted thickly.
This neighbor did well with pumpkins.  Next year, we'll just plant our pumpkins directly.  We started them in pots this year, and we think they did not survive because of the transplanting.

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