Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jane: Big Head

Our neighbor Steve is an artist. He has a day job, too, but he makes sculptures when he can, and his sculptures are awesome. There's a classical head in his garage, along with some other pediments and such. There's a wire deer next to the house and sometimes huge, funny-looking yard-art birds turn up, too. I think those yard art things are his pot-boilers: not his favorites to make, but stuff he knows will sell.

He's been telling us about his biggest sculpture yet-get this:

a 14-foot-tall steel Easter Island Head.

We went out to the place where he works yesterday to see it. I took my camera, and Robbie took the video camera. We're going to do a slide show or video about it once we have the chance to sit down and edit. But for now, here are some pics.

This is the back of the sculpture. It's hollow, and you can go inside. He's going to close it up with one more panel.
Here's Steve in his art shed. It has a forge where he makes bronze.
Here are some scraps from old cars. "Those are free," he told us. He uses the old hoods to make yard art birds. Here Steve is demonstrating a roller that shapes fairly thick metal. The boys were fascinated with this.
Here's the head one more time. It's almost done! Just about time for a big head party!

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