Friday, October 3, 2008

Jane: Pesto Party

It's supposed to frost tonight, so I went out to my little basil patch. It did OK in our new backyard, but not as well as it did in our old sunny yard. I had some in a pot and some in the ground. It's all about waist-high, as usual in October, but not as full. Still--enough for pesto!
Here are some of the pesto ingredients. Yes, I use walnuts instead of pinenuts. I like the taste better, and they're a bit cheaper.

Robbie and I made a cooking show video with the HandiCam I bought for our department last week. We'll get it edited and post it here later.

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T-Mom said...

I think I was the beneficiary of one of the first batches of pesto you ever made. I don't make it myself, but I buy it from the store once in a while, and always think of you when I'm eating it. :)