Friday, November 7, 2008

Robbie: Super Mario All Stars

There is a long story of how Eli came to acquire this game but to make it short, he sold a Game boy Advance and bought it from Gamerz, a video game store in Iowa City. The game, Mario All Stars, is not a sports game as the title sounds, but a collection of the Mario games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom Disk System. The games it includes are the Super Mario Bros. series (1,2, and 3) and Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Version. The games have graphics updated to the Super Nintendo's 16-bit color, and new music. One of the drawbacks , however, is the fact that the controls are still the original ones which are not very precise.
The game with the best controls is Super Mario Bros. 3 which is an awesome game. After you have played it, you realize how all of the later Mario games have looked back on this famously awesome game.
One of the games is a pirated game that most people recognize but don't recognize it as a pirated game. Super Mario Bros. 2 was actually not a mario game in the first place. The game even has references in later games but was never mentioned as a pirated game.

Since the Emulator wouldn't let me record an AVI, I will have to record it from a TV...I also need a camera... (movie in later post)

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