Monday, December 8, 2008

Jane: It's beginning to look a lot . . .

It's been cold here in our town: in the teens with a wind chill. At least we have this beautiful snow cover to make it bright and cheery outside. It's also enough for the boys to enjoy when they go outside: Robbie to sled, and Eli to fiddle around with friends.

I haven't been outside to play; I've been very busy writing for City Revealed magazine, where I just got hired to do freelancing. They're keeping me busy. That's why there haven't been any blog posts recently!
Despite the busy times, I put up my mom's creche during the first week of Advent--I think she always put it up then, too. I wanted a star to hang above the stable, but couldn't find one I liked. But then I saw this beautiful berry wreath and knew that's what I wanted above the creche.

Maybe I remembered Mom's: I found this photo in the box with the creche. It was labeled "Christmas 1969."

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