Monday, March 16, 2009

Jane: Protecting Birds

On Thursday, something very sad happened.

A red-bellied woodpecker collided with the big sliding glass door by the kitchen. I was home and heard it. I dashed outside, and saw the bird on the ground.

I recognized him--he'd been coming to our suet feeder all winter. We'd always enjoyed seeing him.

I gently picked him up,and he died in my hands. I think he'd broken his neck.

After a brief period of mourning, I decided to do something about this. Birds have hit the window before. We found a dead house sparrow on the patio this winter, and I've heard thumps before that might have indicated non-fatal injuries.

I'd heard about window decals to keep birds from hitting the windows, so I googled "bird window" and found what I was looking for at WindowAlert.

Today I put them up on the windows--it's a glorious day and great to be outside! And the decals look nice on the windows--the ones I bought are little maple leaves about 4"x4". They look like glass etching to us, but the UV-reflecting materials in them make them look like a bright light to birds. This helps the birds register that the window is there.

The website included many comments from customers who found they worked very well. I hope they work for us--and our bird guests--too.

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wclaspy said...

you *do* have a lot of glass back there, so the stickers sound like a good idea. I hope they work! Just be glad you didn't go outside to find the last of the ivory bills laying on your porch :-)