Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jane: Thanks, Michelle Obama!

This is the official portrait of our new first lady, and apparently it's been the talk of many blogs. Well, not just the portrait, but Michelle Obama's arms!

Here are a few comments from a NYTimes blog, On the Runway:

"many women would sell their family members or various bodily organs to have such exquisitely toned upper arms. If you got it, flaunt it, I say."

"she looks absolutely stunning. and those arms! many hours in the gym. love her."

"If I had those biceps I’d be wearing that dress too!! Michelle…you Go First Lady!!!"

"Her arms are just perfect. Many of us wish that we had such beautiful and well toned arms. "

I am just feeling thankful to the first lady for drawing attention to a body part that I can show off, too. But it wasn't always that way for my arms. When I was younger, my arms were stick-like and they seemed too long. I envied friends who had rounded, pretty arms, and I rarely wore sleeveless clothing.

Now as I've grown older and have had a long-time regimen of lap-swimming and Tae Kwon Do, my arms actually look youthful and toned at an age when many people are covering their jiggly upper arms. I guess this is the reward for having stick arms in my 20s!

So, thanks Michelle Obama for drawing the world's attention away from bosoms, which some of us do not possess, and toward lovely toned arms!

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