Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eli and Jane: Garden of Delights

Eli's pumpkin plants are doing well this year as you can see. They're the Jack Be Little pumpkins, and he already has 3 of them from one vine.
This is my zucchini plant. Beautiful, isn't it? But it has produced exactly zero zucchinis! It thinks it's an amigurumi--a totally useless object.
My tomatoes, on the other hand, are doing very well. These are some of the Celebrities, just about ready to become BLTs. I've had many tomatoes from the Health Kick (plum tomatoes) and the Sweet 100s (cherry tomatoes) already. Both of those are excellent varieties.
My cages aren't tall enough for the tomatoes this year! They keep shooting up above the cage, and I pinch them back, and they shoot up, and I pinch back . . . That's the basil in the front. It's about waist-high. We should be able to have pesto once a week now.

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Ken said...

Glad you found a sunny spot. My zucchini put out blooms and then succumbed to the wilt. I'm having better luck with my butternut squash. Gabi says she's tired of pesto (I'm not) and we've been inundated with grape tomatoes. I think I'll make a sauce out of them.