Friday, December 25, 2009

A Funny Christmas Eve Story . . .

Last night, Bruce and I ushered at the Christmas Eve service. Robbie and Eli helped for a while, then retired to the couch outside the sanctuary, where they usually hang out.

The sermon was Pastor Paul, dressed as a 1st century shepherd who was looking for a lost goat, all the while telling us about the Good Shepherd calling to his sheep by name. "He knows your name and he's calling you!" he said.

At the end, he "found" the goat--and brought a real goat into the sanctuary on a leash! She was very well-behaved, but someone needed to take care of her while Pastor Paul changed back into his civvies . . . I saw him hand off the goat-on-a-leash to Robbie! The boys took charge of the goat, walking her around outside while we finished the service, keeping her from eating the poinsettias inside, and holding her while the children petted her on their way out of church. They enjoyed her company much better than sitting in church.

We'll always remember this Christmas Eve as the goat Christmas eve!

A merry and memorable Christmas to all!

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