Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jane: Snow Days

The sound of the phone ringing rocketed me out of bed yesterday morning at 5:30. It was a robo-call from the school system saying school was canceled because of weather.

We had about 1 inch of snow.

This is kind of a Cedar Rapids tradition. During snowy weather, the schools just shut down. The rest of the town keeps going, but schools are closed.

Part of the reason for the closing was the hyperbolic discussions of a snow storm that was making its way through the area. I heard one meteorologist say it was "an epic snow event." Bruce is sure that this kind of talk is partially marketing. If it's just some heavy snow, big deal. But if it's an "epic snow event," then you need to watch the news, he thought.

So the boys were home from school yesterday, in anticipation of an "epic snow event" which didn't really start until about 5 that evening. Still, I'm glad they got to enjoy the weather. They both got together with friends and went sledding. 4 of them (Robbie and friends) ended up here afterwards, so I had to feed them and put up with the noise while attempting to write some stories and get ready for class that afternoon (Coe never closes because of weather).

The epic snow event dumped about 8" of snow on us between 5 p.m. yesterday and 6 a.m. today. Of course there's no school. Robbie is out helping Bruce get rid of the snow with shovels and a wheelbarrow, and Eli is playing around.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get in to Coe for conferences with students. I also have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. The tricky part is the alley. Our driveway is about clear, but we're on an alley, which is snowy. I've gotten stuck there before.

Bruce is going to walk, but that does not appeal to me. Besides deep snow on the sidewalk, the winds are picking up and are expected to be gusting up to 50 mph later today!


wclaspy said...

Don't walk Jane, or you'll blow away! :-)

T-Mom said...

We got rain, and enough snow that I can't quite tell whether the howling winds are blowing fallen or falling snow.

Keep warm!