Friday, January 8, 2010

Jane: A Mom's Advice on Staying Warm

It's been cold everywhere recently! Here in Iowa, though, this is normal. We're used to dealing with icy temps.

The best advice is "stay inside," but sometimes you can't. So here's what you need to stay warm when it's way too cold.

From top to bottom:
Cute Hat: It's got to be cute so you'll wear it. That thing your mom told you about 90% of your body heat escaping from your head is not factually correct, but a hat really ups your warmth factor. Best places for cute hats: K-Mart (where I got the one pictured), Younkers.

Sunglasses: After it snows here in Iowa, we get sunny, clear, COLD weather. So the shades keep down the glare while also keeping the wind out.

Cute Scarf: Hey, this is your chance to show off knitting or crocheting skills! (I knitted the one in the picture with nubbly yarn.) For a while I wore a no-sew scarf I made with fleece. The scarf keeps your neck warm, can be pulled up over your face, and adds a note of style.

Down Jacket: I am not kidding. You must have down if the temp is below 25. I bought the one in the picture from Eddie Bauer a long time ago, Before Kids, and it's still nice. The other jacket option is, of course, fur, and don't knock fur until you've worn it on a cold day.

Fleece and Thinsulate driving gloves: I prefer mittens for warmth, but they're not as useful when driving.

Slacks: That is to say, not tights and boots, no matter how cute your tights and boots are. Wait until it's above 25. Cords and wool slacks are best, of course, but denim's OK.

Warm boots: I wear them whenever there's snowcover or it's below 20, pretty much all winter. Uggs are cute, too, but they are not waterproof. I wear my (fake) Uggs inside, as slippers.

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T-Mom said...

Very chic! ;-D

Don't forget flannel-lined jeans. Legwarmers. Hand-knit socks and silk sock liners and glove liners.

I like the scarf!