Monday, February 8, 2010

Jane: Dealing with a snowy winter

Snow will continue to overspread Iowa today, and continue right into Tuesday. This long-duration snow event will likely produce 4-8" across the area by the time the snow stops. This is only one issue though, and the wind will be a much greater problem. Expect the winds to be blowing at 20-30 MPH by Tuesday afternoon, causing significant blowing and drifting snow. This will also cause visibilities to drop near zero in the rural areas. --KCRG Weather for Monday, February 8
Yeah, it's still winter here in Iowa. There have been news stories about breaking a "number-of-days-with-snowcover" record this year, and everyone's getting tired of it. Now it looks like we may get another hit of snow.

We've been busy trying to keep our spirits up and not get too bogged down by winter. I've been trying to point out fun things we've been doing every week--
  • Robbie's Jazz Band concert at the end of January,
  • the City Revealed holiday party at Zin's,
  • this past weekend's trip to see the quilt exhibit at the Hoover Library and dinner in Iowa City,
  • open house at the city greenhouse, where the air was moist and warm, and the orchids were blooming!
  • next week's jazz concert at the Public Library and Valentine's Day . . .
Yesterday, Eli and I went out to one of the outdoor ice rinks to skate--well, I skated and he just skidded around on the ice. That was fun--the "if you can't beat it, join it" approach to winter. We saw ice fishermen and a snowmobiler while driving to West Branch--having something fun to do in the winter makes it more bearable.

And Robbie says he thinks of money when snow falls--they have a shoveling job! So, really, it's not so bad. Still, I sure wouldn't mind seeing green grass again!

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T-Mom said...

Send Robbie over here--I'd pay him to shovel for me!