Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eli and Jane: Romeo

Look at this funny kitty. He does have legs; they are just very short! He's a friend of Eli's.
Apparently, he is a Munchkin breed cat, which, due to a gene abnormality, has very short legs. He lives with some people around the block from us, and he has been stopping by our house every day, coming up to the sliding doors until someone (Eli) comes out to play with him!
Here, his glowing eyes make him look "evil," as Eli points out! But he's very sweet-tempered and friendly.

This does not mean he is boring. The other day he was in our yard, and there was a bird ruckus. We came out and saw him trotting away with a starling in his mouth. That's fine by us!

Mitzi does not like him, but does not get as upset about him as she does when the next door neighbor's cat comes by. I think she's not sure if he's a cat or an otter.

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