Friday, June 25, 2010

Jane: Yarn stuff

Besides thinking about yarn bombing, I've been doing some yarn stuff this summer. Here are a few projects.

This strawberry necklace is crocheted with embroidery floss. The pattern's from Ravelry, and I did a pin in larger yarn. I like this smaller, more delicate version--it reminds me of the botanical images from tapestries.

I'm still working on a lacy top from Robin Chachula's Blueprint Crochet. It's made with motifs--like granny squares. The yarn is a bamboo/cotton blend that went on sale from Lion Brand just when I was planning to buy supplies for the top! I wanted a challenging pattern that showed off my crochet skills, and this does it.

I decided to make one square a day--there are about 18 squares and partial squares. It'll have short sleeves. I've done the back and one shoulder!
This dishcloth doesn't look very exciting. But it has a story. When my Grandma Hoffman died, I got her workbasket. It had some yarn, the pattern for crocheted mittens, and an almost-finished dishcloth with instructions. At some point, I finished up the dishcloth she'd started before she died.

Recently, I'd considered knitting dishcloths as a way to strengthen my knitting skills. When I saw this pattern, I knew I had to do it--it was my grandma's dishcloth pattern.

The new one is on the right, the one Grandma started and I finished (it's been washed, so has shrunk) is on the left.

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T-Mom said...

Jane, the top is going to be stunning!