Thursday, September 16, 2010


Look at this great keyboard!

I scavenged it from the band room attic last weekend!

Anne and I were clearing junk out of a band storage room, "the attic," and one of the items that the band director no longer wanted was this great keyboard. Rather than taking it to Goodwill with a lot of other stuff, I claimed it.

We already had a keyboard--one that I bought at a garage sale for $50 about . . . oh, 12 years ago. I wanted to play some Christmas carols and kids' songs, but we didn't have a piano. For a long time, that WAS our piano.

But this one's better. We can plug it into our computer to create midi files. That will be especially useful this fall as Robbie's going to play regularly (every week) at church, accompanying the organist on hymns. With this keyboard, transposing hymn melodies for a B-flat instrument will be easier.

Eli's also enjoying the new keyboard--he's been practicing his piano lessons on it. I guess it's fun to see how his songs sound when you push different buttons--accordion, pan flute, whistle. Hey, whatever it takes.

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