Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Improvements

Robbie took on an electrical task this weekend--replacing an electrical switch at the top of the stairs.

Little did he know that 3-way switches (these two lights can be turned off from upstairs OR downstairs) are a bit tricky! Add to that old wires . . . and it was a bit of a project for an apprentice electrician . . . with no mentor. But he figured it out.

Eli worked on cleaning bugs out of the light fixtures--also tricky as our light fixtures have a weird set-up with tiny, fancy nuts that have to be unscrewed from long posts. . . We lost one of those fancy nuts during cleaning, but were able to substitute a simple hex nut.

As for me, I cleaned out a shower drain. I thought it was kind of penance, as I assumed the slow drain was due to a build-up of long, blonde hair. But the clog was a build up of mineral deposits from our hard, Iowa water. So after some fun with vinegar and a little plastic tool called a "Zip it," the drain is draining again!

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wclaspy said...

Three way switches are tricky! I always have to draw out a diagram when I do them. Great job Robbie!