Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homecoming, etc.

Those of you who are on facebook know that it's been a busy week for the Nesmiths with the Washington High School homecoming. The weather was beautiful for the parade,
the football game (football team got their pumps cleaned, but the band was nice!),

and dance.
Eli was not impressed by the dance festivities

Actually, Robbie wasn't crazy about it either.

Bruce heard this exchange about a week before the dance:
Madalyn: We don't really need corsages.
Robbie: I don't need this homecoming dance.
Madalyn: YOU'RE GOING.

So that's the story.I guess 15-year-old boys don't really like getting dressed up and going out on formal dates. Who'd have known? I wish someone had told me that when I was 15 . . . of course, one solution is to date older boys . . . but Madalyn is very patient! I think Robbie would rather play video games with her or put his arm around her on the couch while they watch a DVD than go out!

This week: lots of writing for me--I have 6 stories for magazines due this month. Two are done. Two more interviews are done. Getting through them! The weather is beautiful--great opportunities to ride my bike to work. And it will be nice--even warm--through the weekend when Ellen visits. yay!

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wclaspy said...

Well, there are quite a few photos of you at Robbie's age dating older boys, and those photos are all on their way to your house :-)