Friday, January 21, 2011

January Yarn Tagging

After doing a bit of yarn tagging this summer, I wasn't sure what would be my next project. But I met a couple of enthusiastic new recruits when I taught crochet this fall, and decided to propose a local tagging project: This sign post outside our favorite coffeehouse, Brewed Awakenings.
Ramona and Carissa from the crochet class joined me, and Carol came, too, with her knitting needles! Sonja was interested, but is hibernating at home to work on a big art project. Sonja is the resident artist at Goodwill of the Heartland, a job she invented for herself! Don't I know cool people?

I think hanging out with creative people was my favorite part of this yarntagging project. Most people aren't really interested in talking about yarn arts, yarn bombing, UFOs (unfinished crafted objects), where to get ideas (Ravelry, books, thrift shops), how to sell art, what our next ideas are . . . but we talked about all these! It was such an inspiration talking with Carissa, Ramona, and Carol. Good for my artistic brain!

So we sipped our hot drinks and chatted while we crocheted/knitted. We got a lot done in a short amount of time.

Then we went outside to display our artwork. We chose the signpost on 13th Street, next to the coffeehouse.

It was really cold!

But the art is great. We hope people notice it . . . maybe they'll even like it. And I bet we'll be doing more soon.

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Ken said...

Clever idea! Was that you wearing a coat indoors while drinking tea??? Is that the reality of winter in Cedar Rapids? Brrrr.