Thursday, January 6, 2011


My friend Ramona has a vintage clothing business. She buys clothes at thrift shops (really cheap--you know, on 25 cent days) and alters them to give them a bit of zing.

For example, she cut off a drop-waist dress to create this cute peplum jacket for me--I watched her do it!
But wait . . . a drop-waist dress isn't "vintage." In fact, I still have . . .um . . . TWO in my closet . . . that I still wear from time to time!

When I think of vintage, I think of something like this old yarn ad that Shelby posted on her blog Stitch Story:
Now THAT'S vintage.

Maybe the meaning of "vintage" depends on your own vintage!

So are these boots vintage?

I couldn't resist them--they reminded me of the very first pair of boots I ever bought for myself--in 11th grade. I saved up my clothing allowance (and probably babysitting money) to get them. I wore them for years.

Maybe that's why I bought these. I've been enjoying wearing them this week--with a short denim skirt and tights one day, and today with this cute drapey skirt I bought at the Des Moines Junior League's Thrift Shop.

Maybe they're vintage, maybe it's just "what goes around comes around." I'm glad when I see some of the styles I love come back around!

And some day, I should share some of the treasures that I've thrifted . . .

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ramonamuse said...

Jane! I love those boots... and yes they are vintage. I think that the yarn ad is "true vintage." I just made that up, but there has to be varying categories of vintage right?