Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday weekend

It's no longer sunny and warm here in Iowa; we're back to cold and cloudy. 40s today, 30s this week with freezing rain and maybe snow.

But I had a delightful birthday weekend!
There were cards and gifts from family and friends,
a banana/chocolate chip cake baked from scratch by Justin (we ate some after our TKD workout, which was also a nice birthday treat),
and DQ ice cream pie and champagne with Anne and Paul that evening as we watched the Julie Taymor Magic Flute!

Then today, in choir rehearsal before church, the choir sang to me--it's always a treat to have a choir sing to you!

The boys pointed out that I am 7 squared this year, or, as Robbie told me, 11,101 in base two. I think that's what he said . . .

So after this birthday interlude, I'm ready for the rest of February, whether it's springlike or gray and dreary. After my birthday, there's just not that much winter left!

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