Saturday, February 12, 2011

Housewifely ecstasy

Bought a new vacuum today.

The old one, purchased after we moved into the house on Iowa Avenue, over 20 years ago, has been limping along for quite some time. You can see the bungee cord holding it together. The latch broke off, and the on-switch foot pedal was also broken. I could no longer get filters for it. The guy at the vacuum place was going to make me some.

But this morning, it threw off some frightening sparks at one point, and I wondered if it was REALLY worth it to keep it going this long. I also wondered what it feels like to be electrocuted. But then the entire electrical cord broke off at the body, so that was the final sign.

The new one's really slick. Quieter, too, Eli noticed. He did not run and hide in his bedroom when I started vacuuming. The kitty did, though, even though the "Pet Powermate" attachment instructions said "not to be used on pets."

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