Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Resurrection

I couldn't decide whether to put on this tablecloth at first. I mean, we were all wearing jeans, and it was just the four of us.

I decided to use it in the end. We didn't need a dressy table, but I liked being reminded of my grandma. The little crudité dish belonged to my other grandma, and the tulips had been at church, in memory of mom and dad, and Bruce's mom and dad.

Bruce pointed out that every holiday, we have those loved ones close, even if just in our memory.

Before dinner, we spent a lot of time outside--we finally have sun and warm temperatures, and the green has returned to the lawns. Wildflowers were blooming when Bruce and I went walking at Palisades Kepler--Dutchman's breeches, spring beauties, rue anemone . . . . The long winter hadn't killed them off--it had merely delayed them, and they seemed to be bursting forth, just in time for Easter.

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