Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Archives and Hardware Cloth

I wish I'd brought my camera this morning when we went over to Franklin Middle School to see the Archives. Eli worked on the Archives this year, organizing yearbooks, scanning photos, and sorting through a small room full of stuff. He really enjoyed it, so we arranged to visit once classes were over.

If I'd had my camera, I'd have taken pictures of:
  • the 1936 globe that Eli identified by knowing which countries existed at that time
  • the cabinet full of old Franklin yearbooks
  • the cat fetus in a jar ("everyone wants to see this," said Eli, rolling his eyes)
  • the school's underground tunnels . . . that we couldn't visit because the principal made them off- limits (some non-archives kids got into them and left graffiti)
The school was built in 1923, so it has lots of history. . . . more information is available on the Franklin website. They're working on a google site, too. Some of the other kids were working on an Ashton Kutcher project. He attended Franklin back in the day

Well, I don't have Franklin archives photos, but I do have a few photos of other things: some items I made with hardware cloth.

It's not really cloth, of course. It's wire mesh. I bought some a while ago to make a cap on our furnace exhaust pipe. Small critters had gotten in and met their doom when they got down to the furnace. And they caused the furnace to shut off . . .

Anyway, the leftovers were great for making this lettuce cage.
It's not to keep the lettuce in, but to keep the bunnies out. The lettuce doesn't like this location (note how spindly it is) so I'll do spinach next year.

I also made a cage for the strawberry pot. Same idea.
This project was an indoor one. An earring rack.
So now I'm a wire textile person, too.


wclaspy said...

earring rack is clever! the garden stuff too, but particularly the rack :-)

Susan said...

Yes, the earring rack is great! You could go into business.