Monday, December 26, 2011

Iowa Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas in Iowa this year. As you can see through the windows of this picture, we have no snow, which disappoints the boys, who'd love to go sledding. Still, it's sunny and pleasant outside, and there's a tree inside, which the kitty finds delightful.
She got a crocheted catnip mouse in her stocking, which got played with and chewed all day on Christmas.
Here's Robbie playing with the new computer the boys got from Santa. Mom and Dad said the old computer was perfectly fine, but Santa understood a teen boy's needs.
Eli's wearing the Vectrex sweatshirt he got for Christmas--Vectrex is a vintage gaming system. He likes the idea of old computers, but he also is glad to have that new one in the basement.

I could have included pictures of me reading my book about Broadway shows, or Bruce grinding coffee in his new coffee grinder, but I am terrible at remembering to take pictures!
The Dudeks visited us Christmas day--Mike, Susan, and Erik. It was so great to have them here! We had dinner together, opened gifts, and the boys had a great time talking about computers and--here--playing Magic. Eli's not playing; he's just goofing off.

Happy Boxing Day to all!

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