Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picture-perfect Thanksgiving

Things have calmed down here after the pre- and post-Thanksgiving excitement--time for me to look at and share some photos.

OK, these aren't my pictures--they were taken by my sister-in-law and brother-in-law! But they are such a nice reminder of our lovely holiday together.

Here I am with Robbie, making pie crust. He's learning the family pie crust recipe, and does very well with it.
Uncle Bill carving the bird.
Sammy! He loved being read to. I was glad to oblige.
T-Day! That's Kim hiding behind the pendant lamp. :-)
Uncle Ken is a children's librarian in Atlanta. He's a great kids book reader, and did a lot of reading--to the delight of Sam.
Sammy and his aunties.
Smiley boy.
My boys requested that we visit the Atlanta Botanic Garden. It was great--both inside and outside there were beautiful things to see.
Here we are eating pizza and pasta (and gnocci for me) at a cute place in midtown Atlanta.
Sam and three of his favorite people: Uncle Ken, Gabi, and Sheena the kitty! What a great trip.

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wclaspy said...

It was a wonderful holiday! Thanks for posting pictures!