Wednesday, May 2, 2012

@ the farm

Eli and I were out at Our Farm yesterday, the 20'x50' city garden plot we've rented down by the river.  We decided we had a small window of dry weather and we'd get our plants in!

Eli planted:
two kinds of giant pumpkins, Big Max and one other type.

snake gourds

Small Fancy Mix gourds

I planted from seed:
Nantes half-long carrots
California Giant Mix zinnias

Sugar Baby Watermelon
Romanesco Broccoli

Robbie requested this one.  "It looks like a 3-D fractal," says Robbie.
I also planted Brussels sprouts from plants I got at Peck's.

I think we'll visit The Farm this weekend in between scattered showers, and I'll try to get some photos!

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