Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Kindle


The boys bought me a Kindle Fire for Mother's day and I am enjoying it very much!

Look at how easy it is to use, even when there's a kitty on my lap.  

Mostly I'm using it as a web tablet.  In this photo I'm looking for online patterns and tutorials about how to make a case for it.  Already I've used it to search for recipes and browse on Ravelry, of course.  

Before this tablet, I just used my laptop for this kind of thing.  I can sit at my little desk in the kitchen, or take my laptop to the couch.  But sometimes when I sit on the couch, my lap is occupied (see photo)--no room for my laptop.  Plus, laptops--mine anyway--get HOT.  A small tablet will make it easier and more fun to look for stuff.

I've been shopping around for a tablet for a few months now.  Just kept putting off buying one.

Eli knew I was shopping and thinking about tablets (he loves shopping for electronic devices, too, and thought a Kindle would work well) so he spearheaded a campaign to get one for me for Mother's Day!  

So it's great for web browsing, but will I use it to read?  I did buy one of those long article/short books already from Amazon, Don't Trade the Baby for a Horse by Wendy McClure, who wrote The Wilder Life (awesome book, BTW).  But probably I'll stick to books if I can.  I like going to the library, and I have nothing against books.  

Still.  I'm guessing that eventually I'll shift to e-books.  The thing is, what I really like is reading, not books (unlike my brother, who likes both!).  I don't buy books because when I'm done reading them, I'm done with them.  Although it'll have a different feel--and paging around in them will take some getting used to--I'm thinking that reading is reading, and that I'll have no trouble using e-books.  

As long as I can sign e-books out from the library, because with my reading addiction, I'd go broke if I had to buy all the books I read.

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