Friday, February 13, 2009

Jane: Belated Happy Darwin Day

Yesterday was Darwin's birthday. I began the day with an NPR "driveway moment"--actually a grocery store parking lot moment--when I heard this wonderful story on Darwin and how personal tragedies affected his work.

That evening, we all went to a lecture called "Three Cheers for Charles" about Darwin, evolution, natural selection, and how it's all viewed today. Apparently, scientific discoveries in the last few years--from experiments with bacteria and fruitflies, new fossils finds, and DNA research--have helped us understand more clearly how evolution actually works.

The speaker shared some stories about "Creationism" and "Intelligent Design." This illustration made me laugh, especially the way it shows that among the fruits of evil evolution is "dirty books."
After the lecture, there was birthday cake, and then fireworks on the quad, something I've never heard of before. I wonder what people in the neighborhood thought! It was all in celebration of Darwin Day, orchestrated by the Biology Department!

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