Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jane: More scale

Robbie discovered more magnolia scale on the big saucer magnolia in our front yard.


Of course you know, this means war!

I looked at more information on imidicloprid, and it's fairly non-toxic to people and other warm-blooded creatures . . . still, I don't think I want it in our back yard, near our vegetable and herb gardens.

So here's my plan. I'll get some granular imidicloprid for the front-yard magnolia. You just dig it into the soil around the tree and water it in. Then I'll wait on the back yard magnolia and spray it with insecticidal soap once the baby scale bugs emerge. They're called crawlers--just thinking about it makes me say "ew."

More later.

And for those of you east of us: relief from the horrible humidity and heat is coming! Today we have clear skies, low humidity, and temps of about 80!

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T-Mom said...

Good luck with the critters. I'm going to try insecticidal soap on the rose slugs (and I'd better do it soon--looks like they're having a great year, alas).

Yay to the change in weather! Highs in the 70s here today!