Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robbie: Black Belt!

The belt ceremony was today and I passed! Now I'm a black belt! 

Some people think that getting a black belt is like getting a diploma in the way that once you get to this point you're done. It is completely different. When you get your black belt, it is like a new beginning instead of an end. You get to learn more abstract forms and improve on previous ones. There are also some responsibilities involved such as teaching and maintenence (eg. turning on the air conditioning) 

Despite the responsibilities, this is a very important milestone in my life and in Tae Kwon Do.


wclaspy said...

Congratulations, Robbie! What a milestone for you!

kalynna said...

Congratulation Robbie. Receiving your black belt is just the beginning of your taekwondo training.

Good Luck from Kalynn Taekwondo-Network

Ken said...

Great achievement! We're proud that you met the challenge and stuck with it!