Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jane: rescued yarn; beautiful sweater

About a year ago, I rescued this lovely chenille yarn from a thrift shop.

There were 4 large balls of it in a bag with some other blue and green yarns, beautiful. I used some of the others for amigurumi, sent some to my niece Gabi (she may have used some to make this very attractive hat)

But I didn't know what to do with the chenille. I wanted to make a chenille cardigan, but didn't know if I'd have enough yarn to do it in crochet.

When I visited my friend Judi a couple weeks ago, she encouraged me to just try. If I didn't have enough yarn to finish, I could have a vest!

Well, I did have enough! I think it came out very nice.

The pattern's very easy--it's a top-down sweater, crocheted in a chevron lace stitch, all double crochet and chains. You can find it at milobo's website, along with many other pretty free patterns. She made it with one button at the top, but I liked the way the top "lapels" curled under, so will put a button midway and have a v-neck look. You can see it a bit better in this (slightly blurry) photo.

Milobo always takes photos of her stuff this way, in a mirror with the head cut off! (oops, better weave in that yarn end)

I also made the sleeves longer (I don't like 3/4 sleeves) and shaped them so they come in, then bell out the slightest bit at the bottom.

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T-Mom said...

Hey, that was fast! And a very nice job--it's a beautiful sweater!