Monday, September 7, 2009

Jane: Bicyclette Blanc

Like my niece, I've been enjoying cycling more and more this summer. The cool summer has made it very pleasant, and our city's bike trails make recreational biking very enjoyable and safe. Here's my transportation: a 1989 Schwinn Mesa Runner!
I love it. Bruce bought it for me when we moved to Cedar Rapids--it was my wedding gift from him. I didn't want a pearl necklace or anything traditional like that. I needed to replace the J.C. Penney 5-speed that I'd left behind in Macomb. So I got this bike.

My kids are a bit embarrassed by it, mostly by the basket.

They say that I don't need to get a lock because "Mom, no one would steal that bike."

But really, the basket is quite useful for carrying stuff--water bottle, bag for work or for errands. And the handy Cootie key chain on the basket makes a good place for me to store keys when I'm on a ride and don't have pockets!

Just about every Sunday, I take my bike to the trailhead and ride a short 40 minute round trip, from Cedar Lake almost to 42nd Street and back.

It's easy to get to work, too. It's less than a mile, so I can ride in my work clothes and not get all sweaty. The roads to work are wide avenues, so despite my nervousness about riding in traffic, I can do it. There's plenty of room for bikes and cars.

I don't think I'll be quite as intrepid as Bruce, who rides in all weather (above 50 degrees), and has a rain suit for wet days. But I will keep enjoying it on the fine days we'll be sure to have this fall.

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