Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jane: Busy weekend!

Almost every weekend is busy for parents of kids in marching band. This weekend was particularly band-ish, and I wish I had photos to share! What I'd really like is a video. . .

Friday night there was a home football game, so the band played. Robbie's marching band only plays for home games, which I thought was odd at first, but now I'm grateful! They also go to band contests--I think they'll do 5 or 6 of them this fall--so adding in those away games would make it even crazier. At least one local HS marching band director has the band go to all games; I'm glad we're not at that school.

This game was particularly fun. We had guests with us, two Japanese students from Coe. We were their weekend homestay hosts. The guys, Nori and Teppei, had a great time at the game, and we are glad they had the American Experience of Friday Night Lights!

Also, the band marched their entire show, and that was fun to see. At the first game I saw, they just marched their first song.

Oh, and the football team won. Every time I looked at the field, they were getting another touch down.

On Saturday, we
  • served pancakes
  • took Robbie to school for practice
  • took the Japanese guys to the farmer's market
  • made zucchini egg-drop soup (Mark Bittman recipe) with market produce for lunch
  • took the Japanese guys to see the Marching Band (win) at the Linn-Mar Contest
  • made refrigerator pickles from some of the market produce :-)
  • waited up late for Robbie to return from (winning) the Prairie Marching Band Contest
Robbie's band, the Washington High School Warrior Band, was really good. They are small, about 70 people, but they have an awesome sound. Robbie pointed out that they have the "best arranger and the best drill designer" which sure helps. Plus, the director is awesome--calm and laid-back but respected, and of course those kids work hard.

I have to say that my heart also with some of those huge mediocre bands . . . I can relate as my own high school marching band, the Midpark High School Marching Band, was huge and mediocre :-) Still, it sure is nice watching an excellent band (the band parents in the stands were cheering very loudly) and knowing one of the excellent trumpet players in it!

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