Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jane: Crochet Sox

I've been working for some time on a fun crochet project: socks. My knitting and crocheting friends have been sending me links to websites with crochet sock patterns, so thought I'd give it a try. As you can see I've completed one and gotten past the "chain for heel" stage in the other.

This one is from Mrs. D's blog, and the pattern is very easy to follow. I had to alter the pattern a bit to make the toe tip wider and the instep higher, but other than that, I just follow the pattern. The yarn is Red Heart's Heart and Sole yarn ("with aloe"), which she recommended, and I'm using a D hook.

I didn't think crocheted socks would come out so satisfactorily. I figured they'd be stiff and nonstretchy, but they are great. Maybe not as stretchy as knitted ones, but they're soft and I think will be warm and comfortable on a cool day. I had thought I'd wear them to Friday night football/marching band shows, but it hasn't really been that cool . . . oh, plus, I'm not done yet :-)

Today I got a long stretch of time to work on them while I was at the Urgent Care center with Eli. A bowling ball dropped on his finger yesterday, and we were there to get it checked out. No break, just a nasty bruise, and 2 hours at the medical place. Plenty of time to crochet, though. And two people asked about what I was making! I guess crocheting in public is a good way to spread the word about how fun handcrafting can be!

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T-Mom said...

Cool! I'm glad they're turning out well. :) They look cute. If I work on a knitted pair of socks in public, people always ask if I'm crocheting. *lol*