Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jane: a great Southern Weekend

Every fall needs a road trip, and mine was a trip to Atlanta to see my sister and her family.

Actually it wasn't a road trip, but an air trip! I flew down on Thursday and spent Friday with my niece at her school--it was "Grandparents and Special Friends" day, and I got to be the "special aunt"! Gabi showed me her school, her classrooms, her locker, and I got to meet her writing teacher, too. (Gabi has gotten awards for English the past two years, a niece after my own heart!)

Gabi had a youth group trip that weekend, so my sister and I saw her off at the church on Friday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was grown ups only--we had dinner out Friday, and then on Saturday went on a real road trip through rural Georgia.

First stop was Warm Springs where FDR had a cottage called the "little white house." There was also a very nice museum there, but the house intrigued us--it was so small and ordinary!

After that we went to Callaway Gardens, yes, the home of Victory Garden South, back in the day. What they used to show on Victory Garden is only a very tiny part of Callaway Gardens. It's actually a huge park--acres and acres--with lakes, woods, a golf course, and some houses at the edge. Apparently Mr. Callaway bought the land, which had been ruined by too much agriculture, and planted native trees and plants. It's beautiful now.

My brother-in-law took lots of pictures. You can see some of them here.

I got back on Sunday to a houseful of sick guys. Bruce just had a minor cold, but Eli's sinus infection was back, and Robbie had influenza! Yikes. Robbie's back at school today, but Eli's still home (but on some antibiotics). We are hoping for a return to health very soon.

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