Friday, November 13, 2009

Jane: Latest Crochet Project

I've been making some crocheted gifts and doodads, but I also decided to start a big project--for myself :-)

Remember last year when I was working on a cardigan with cream-colored yarn? Well, I got disgusted with the project--didn't like the stitch, didn't like how the pattern was working out--and put it away.

Well, now it's out again . . . but I'm ripping out what I did last year and starting from scratch.

I got a hold of a really great book of patterns, Aran Sweaters to Crochet, which is out of print, but I found on Amazon. The reviews of this book were glowing, and I found several patterns I liked, including a cardigan! What I really like about this pattern is that each piece is crocheted top to bottom rather than across. This looks really elegant--almost like knitting--and helps avoid that blocky, bunchy look that many crocheted sweaters have.

Here's the first part of the project, the back.

As you can see, there are some nice herringbone-like strips going "down" the back--they actually go across the work as you're crocheting. They're done as expected, with front post work--front post treble, to be exact. Easy, and it goes fast.

The pattern calls for dropped shoulders, which I'm not crazy about, but wow, it sure is a lot easier than set-in, fitted sleeves. So, OK, I'll try it.

More later!


T-Mom said...

Yeah, drop shoulders can be bulky, but they *are* easy. I'm glad you found a pattern you like!

Ken said...

Gave the farm animal finger puppets a dry run last week, and they were a hit. They helped with Old MacDonald. Thanks again!