Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jane: Pileated Sighting!

So I came home from a meeting to pick up the bags for grocery shopping, and as I got out of the car, something flew over my head. I looked up, expecting a hawk. But there, perched on the trunk of my neighbor's tree, was a pileated woodpecker!

I just stood there and gaped for a while--probably quite a while. He hacked at the tree and was clearly eating something. Some other woodpeckers and nuthatches were also out--the little downy that hangs out here, a red-bellied, and a few "hanking" nuthatches.

Wow! A pileated woodpecker!

I am so excited because in all my years of being interested in birds, I've never seen one. Bruce has, and my boys have spotted them in the alley behind the house. But I haven't. It's kind of crazy, really. In fact, when I got back from the grocery store, Eli came home from school and said "hey Mom, there's a pileated woodpecker out in the alley again. I can show you where it is." :-)

I'm hoping to see that bird again soon!


wclaspy said...

Finally! I see them fairly regularly, once or twice a year anyhow, and when I do, I tell anyone who is listening "ha! a pileated! And my sister has NEVER seen one!"

They are super easy to hear, but can be tough to spot. A worthy addition to your life list :-)

Ken said...

Aren't they weird looking? Very prehistoric and huge! I had the pleasure of seeing two up close this spring pecking at an old rotten stump. It was a thrill!

Cindy said...

Funny I was just outdoors trying to get a picture of a woodpecker, it wasn't a pileated woodpecker, but I think they are all so neat. I enjoyed reading your blog quite a bit.