Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jane: Weed Walk?

The wildflower walk this weekend turned into a weed walk! Eli and I went over to Indian Creek Nature Center, and found lots of weeds to pull.
Here's a close-up of the plant we were pulling out by the handfuls: Garlic Mustard. It was growing in great abundance over at the Nature Center. Luckily, there were wildflowers, too.
There used to be almost as much Dame's Rocket as there's Garlic Mustard now. This picture doesn't quite catch the right color of the blossoms, which are more purple-y. There were violets everywhere, too, as you can see here.
This mystery plant with the tiny white flowers turns out to be Cut-leaved Toothwort, from the Mustard family. I'd never seen it before, and I was able to look it up and identify it by the marijuana-like leaves.
Eli loved this old tree with the root drying out.

Red trilliums, also known as wake robins, were blooming here and there.
I'm not completely sure about this one, but it seems to be blue flax. (Growing next to, guess what, garlic mustard.) My book says it blooms May-July, which means if this is it, it's blooming quite early.
There were lots of yellow violets, too.
Throughout the hike, Eli was able to weed out this huge pile of garlic mustard! Maybe the smell caused him to make that silly face.

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