Monday, May 24, 2010

Jane: A few words about . . . .

. . . nose drops.

I composed this haiku while I was swimming laps today:

Drainage in my throat
A bad cold is stalking me
Nose drops save the day.

I've just about recovered from a cold that started less than a week ago. Not bad, considering most colds last 7-10 days.

I still get colds since I discovered saline nose drops. But not as many--I managed to completely avoid a few species of cold virus cycling through our home this year. And the nose drops seem to make the colds much less severe.

As soon as I start to feel a bit of drainage or stuffiness, I give myself a few squirts.
And if I do get a cold, I use nose drops to soothe my sinuses.

I haven't had one of those "blocked sinuses that feel like bricks" days, nor have I had the sinus infection rebound after a cold seemed over.

A couple of my colleagues heard me recommending them and hurried to tout neti pots, those little teapots used to pour--not squirt--LOTS of salt water through the sinuses. But none of them have actually used neti pots . . . I think they heard about them on Oprah! I don't know about neti pots, but I have used nose drops, and they have worked.

(OK, maybe they're not for everyone. Nose drops did not work for Eli when he had a cold. They made him sneeze about 16 times in a row, and he lost his voice!)

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