Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jane: Garden Contagion

Those little tomato plants I got from the Farmers' market were no bargain--one by one, they are succumbing to some sort of disease--already! Lower leaves turning yellow and brown . . .

I pulled out the cherry tomato and replaced it yesterday, and the two Celebrity tomatoes are going to go today.

In other gardening news, I finally planted the big concrete pots that flank our patio.
On a walk, I'd seen a pot planted with lobelia and bright pink petunias--I loved that eye-popping combination. So I looked to see if I could do it with shade-loving plants. (Those two pots are in shade almost all day.)

There weren't any other deep blue-purple flowers besides lobelia, so I'm going with that--hope it will bloom with little sun. I added bright pink impatiens, and found some nice upright fuchsias, too. Some lamia had survived the winter in one of the pots, so I split that up and added it in, too.

I really wanted some bright yellow to set it off, but there aren't really any yellows for shade. Last year, I went with some really deep bronzy-purple coleus to add some pop. Maybe I'll add some of that later.

They look kind of wimpy now, but they'll fill in soon.


T-Mom said...


I haven't put any annuals in yet--I think because it just keeps raining...

Ken said...

I like it! The blue-pink-silver combo is nice. I planted a new windowbox with sun-tolerant plants-- yellow lantana, pink verbena, and copper and yellow sweet potato vine. I'll send pics when they establish themselves. In the meantime my pots out back are beginning to look good. Oh, and the "rabbit" that was eating my okra was snails. Hope my intervention was soon enough to save a couple They did a job on my eggplants.