Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jane: Shady Garden

I've decided that if life give you a shady yard, plant wildflowers.

Today at the Farmers' Market I bought a hepatica for my shady backyard.
I planted it in an area that's become a little woodland wildflower grove.
So far, besides the hepatica, I have wild ginger
I love its satanic flowers!
And last week I bought this bloodroot--which came with a companion Jacob's Ladder.

I'm not sure this Japanese painted fern counts as a wildflower, but I like it.

At the back of the yard is my jack-in-the-pulpit.

The vendor who sold me the hepatica and bloodroot also had mayapples, and I'm considering them. So far, I just have spring flowers--it would be nice to have something that blooms in mid- or late-summer. But I'm not sure which woodland wildflowers--if any--bloom later. I'll have to do some research.

Meanwhile, the veg garden seems to be doing OK, except for the sweet chelsea cherry tomato, which looks a bit peaked. I may replace her with sweet 100, which I know does well here. The basil is also doing fine, though I think there are bugs that get to it at this time of year, so I need to sprinkle it with permethrin (no worries; it's an organic--plant-based--pesticide).

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