Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring in the North!

I think I post pictures of snowdrops every year. And if you live in the north, you know why: winter is long, and snowdrops are one of the first signs that spring is finally arriving.

Once the snowdrops bloom over at Brucemore, I know that there will always be something blooming. Next will be squill, then crocuses, then daffodils, then wake-robins . . .

The grass is still brown here, but we got a bit of rain today, and will get some next week. I raked the garden beds yesterday and had 2 big containers of leaves and sticks (put some to compost behind the garage). It was great to be outside. It was about 60--maybe warmer--and sunny! Eli helped me in the yard and Robbie and I rode our bikes to mail a letter.

I also spent some time crocheting these amigurumi paper lanterns.
I got the pattern from Itsy Bitsy Spider blog, which is written by a very talented crocheter from Cleveland! She is donating the money from the patterns to the Red Cross, I think to help Japan. The kanji on the white lantern is the sign for "strength." I guess I did a good job sewing it, because Robbie could tell what it says! (He is learning Japanese in school.)

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