Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Yarn Fun

New tag! Isn't it nice? It's right there on First Ave., outside Brewed Awakenings.
The weather was actually pretty decent for sewing it up--we weren't standing in feet of snow, like last time.

Most of that tag was crocheted during two events: the superbowl and Oscar night. Thank goodness for slightly-boring TV!

While Ramona, Carol and I were sitting in Brewed, making plans for next time, Carol was inspired by a floor lamp which was decorated with thin metal leaves.

We decided that the next sign post would get covered with crochet, then decorated with flowers and leaves, all knitted or crocheted. It will make for a nice variety of work--and a bit of artistic flair. I am psyched!

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Tam Bammer said...

LOL! That is so wonderful! Good work ladies!