Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane: a borrowed garden

I don't have a perennial border at my house, so when I want to see flowers, I walk a block to the Brucemore Historical Site. There's an old mansion there, but what I love to see is the grounds. Today it was overcast, perfect weather for taking garden pictures, so I'll give you a tour. This is the gate we go through--it feels very British right-of-way entering here, but the grounds are open to anyone!
I love this white garden. In the spring, there are forget-me-nots.
The main perennial gardens are absolutely beautiful recently. I love the gardeners' sense of color. They also seem to LOVE plants and have all sorts of different varieties.

There's a grape arbor, cool and shady in the hottest months of an Iowa summer.
I don't think the photo does the perennial garden justice.
I LOVE this color combination!
My boys used to climb on the dog statue that marks the entry to the dog cemetery. All the family pets had headstones here.
Eli likes this pond--it's where a few turtles live and the frogs lay eggs. We don't know what became of all the tadpoles this year--last year there were tiny toads everywhere, and this year we haven't seen them. I think the ducks may have eaten them this year.
Sorry this picture's so blurry. It shows the path behind the pond. It's a great place to walk in early spring to see the spring ephemerals--there's an absolute swath of snowdrops, as well as bluebells, wake robins, and mayapples, each in their season. Once those snowdrops bloom, you know you'll have flowers straight on until frost.

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